WELCOME "People have got to get together and work together."
- Fannie Lou Hamer
WELCOME "You make progress by implementing ideas."
- Shirley Chisolm
WELCOME "Nothing will work unless you do."
- Maya Angelou

DEI Driven

Processes, initiatives, & structures are evaluated through a DEI lens

Talent Retention

We help managers to lead their teams more effectively

Intentional Inclusivity

Establishing a framework for equitable and inclusive work environments

Do You Need a DEI/Equity-Focused Consultant?

Your organization may be experiencing some level of disruption or dissatisfaction among your employees. It could be evident in the appearance of your staff, lack of morale, high turnover, even poor communication. 

Your organization may also be experiencing a disconnect between the people who work within the organization and the people you serve or would like to serve. You may notice that it is difficult to create and maintain meaningful partnerships with diverse communities or other organizations. 

You may have realized that your organization’s staff and leadership do not represent the communities you serve. Your organization may need to work on creating an environment where people from historically and currently marginalized communities want to work – and can thrive.

So, how do you know if your organization needs a DEI consultant? You are here! You recognize those challenges. Plus, you are seeking an equity-focused consultant to resolve them.

We commend you for pursuing positive change.

Improving Workplace Culture Through a DEI Lens

Understand that when you pursue positive change and do the work, you will create a better space for employees to thrive. You may also witness the results that accompany:

  • a reduction in employee turnover
  • greater ability to attract the best talent
  • boost in employee morale
  • improvement in employee satisfaction
  • increase in productivity
  • Increase in positive community engagement & impact

ISO Arts Consulting will partner with you to provide customizable solutions that focus on your mission and the people you serve. Using an equity framework as our foundation, we’ll establish a plan of action that aligns with your organizational goals while helping you do the work necessary to encourage success with both internal and external stakeholders.

Founder of ISO Arts Consulting

Hello, I’m Dr. Brea Heidelberg

Through my professional experience, I believe that a work environment centered around equitable practices empowers employees and ultimately empowers the entire organization. 

It is also through my professional experience, where I realized organizations struggle to incorporate these principles into their own workplaces; they are unsure where to begin or have no real guidance once they start.

Therefore, I am proud to provide and successfully implement effective HR and equity solutions to nonprofits and businesses, including yours. 

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